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Create the bonds that last

Family Relations Coaching works with parents, siblings and extended family (as a group or individually) to create new patterns of behavior, attitudes and habits.  The goal is to create functional family dynamics.
How can I have a functional family?
Why can't we just be close?
How can I influence the next generation?
As we all know, the inter-dynamics of families are incredibly complex.  Family issues are unimaginably varied.  Each parent brings his or her own “parenting DNA” to child rearing.  Birth order . . . the scars of growing up with divorce or dysfunction . . . step and/or half families, there are myriad situation that can create a need for help. 
Sometimes families mix together beautifully. Sometimes it’s a constant struggle to get on the same page.  And, then of course, there are those instances where no matter how much unity the family has, people are constantly testing or defying boundaries.  

Imaginative. Creative. Progressive. And, most of all, Effective.

A Specialty Within Family Relations Coaching:
I have particular experience working with Families Of Wealth.
Specific issues addressed include:
* Next Generation Dynamics and Conflict
* Individual vs. Family Goal Achievement
* Pre-nuptial Discussions and Pre-Marital Coaching
* Family Meetings Facilitation
* Entitlement Issues

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A third-party can help you navigate through family issues by offering perspective, tools for managing conflict, and a mediator to interpret all sides.
Pertinent family issues include:
• Parents who are concerned about the future of the next generation and whether they have direction, ambition, and passion to find fulfillment in their own lives as well as sustain the purpose of the family.  Issues of entitlement, control, and responsibility are usually prevalent. (Family Coaching, Goal Achievement Coaching)
• A new pattern of communication skills needs to be established between members of the family or an individual needs to learn to communicate so that all valuable voices/opinions can be heard. (Family Coaching, Goal Achievement Coaching)
• Difficulties with a family member or spouse that are affecting that individual’s work performance, their health and/or their personal happiness.
• There is a need to address conflict, anger or distance between two or more parties whether it is based on long-term issues or new situations through facilitated discussions. (Collaborative Coaching, Conflict/Dispute Management Coaching)
• There is a defined family mission and aligned goals and one person (or a few) is holding the family back from moving forward and causing conflict and distress with all parties involved. (Family Coaching, Conflict/Dispute Management Coaching)
• Family and/or individual goals for the future have been established but no one is able to stay committed to them and accountability on an ongoing basis is needed to guide the family or individual until the stated goals are reached. (Goal Achievement Coaching)

• Family meetings tend to veer off course, get heated or are left unfulfilled and guidance is needed to monitor the dynamics, diffuse situations, privately pull someone aside to address disengagement and determine how to improve future meetings. (Meeting Dynamic Facilitation)

• Conflict in a marriage that is concerning the family where guidance is needed through difficult times (illness, fertility issues, etc.) and/or the common pitfalls of long-term relationships.  Or, there is a new relationship looking to learn the tools to make a marriage last. (Marriage and Pre-Marital Coaching)

• There is conflict within a family-owned business affecting the success of the business including board relations, daily operations and employee satisfaction as well as the welfare of the family at work. (Executive Workplace Relations, Family-Owned Business Coaching) **

I offer a positive coaching process that focuses on solutions for the prevalent issues that affect families today.

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PCC, International Coach Federation (ICF) Certified Coach