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You alone can make a difference

Even if your spouse will not come to Marriage & Couples Coaching, you alone can create significant changes in your relationship.  The old joke says that the definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  You can try something different.  You can learn to be proactive instead of reactive. 
If you or your spouse are unhappy, you do not have to continue to live in your marriage as it is. 
You can change your relationship on your own.

One slight change from you can affect the entire dynamic of your relationship.
Relationships are like a dance.  You get into a pattern in your life and you start to notice that, as a couple, you fight about the same things and react the same way each time.  How do you get out of the vicious cycle? 
Like a dance, someone is always leading and someone is always following.  If someone changes a step, the other person HAS TO FOLLOW or fear falling down.  One simple shift in your own actions and reactions can change everything.
Together, we will commit to your goals and work to achieve them.
Client goals include:
• Feel empowered to affect change
Feel excited to be in my relationship
• Get my spouse back after he/she has left
• Be equipped to handle the emotional rollercoaster
• Be true to myself and my partner
• Be more in control of my own actions and reactions
• Feel more connected
• Avoid the nag trap
• Desire and feel more desirable
• Feel more passion and passionate
• Be heard and understood
• Have fun again in my relationship
Most of all, you want feel SECURE in your relationship, that you can BEAT THE ODDS and, not only be in the relationship forever, but be excited about it.  You want to be happy and FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF as a person and a partner.
The benefit is enormous!  My clients feel more connected, more excited and more secure in their relationship.  They feel that they are not alone and have tangible tools to help them.


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PCC, International Coach Federation (ICF) Certified Coach