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You are planning the wedding . . . but have you done anything to plan for the marriage?  Pre-Marital Relationship Coaching takes a contemporary look into marriage and relationships.  An alternative to religious-based marriage prep classes, I can guide you through the transition from the wedding to married life.
No Judgments...No Ratings...No Tests.  There is no judgment of the relationship, no compatibility tests or ratings/grading of the relationship in any way.

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The idea behind this concept started when I was getting married.
My husband and I were looking for a non-denominational class or teacher that would offer us some insights into each other and into marriage itself.  We knew we could not learn everything from a class, but we simply wanted to be educated on the traditional pitfalls of marriage and to be asked questions we never thought to ask each other.  We had a very difficult time finding what we wanted...something that was not based in religion, that would focus on goals, not problems, and that would teach us skills to succeed.  We were looking for a guide.
As a Interpersonal Relationship Coach, I decided to create the ideal coaching program for pre-marital couples. 
Pre-Marital Relations Coaching is based on the premise that knowing some things upfront could make it easier to work through issues as they appear in the relationship.  My personal philosophy is that, with commitment, relationships can work and work really well.  There are, however, tools and techniques that can make it easier.
Primarily, a couple discovers:

• Compelling insights into each other as individuals

• How to build personalized, long-term strategies and purpose for the marriage

• What expectations are realistic

• How to resolve conflict and build consensus

• What they deserve from a loving relationship and what boundaries are acceptable

• How to enhance and maintain intimacy

• How to be a true partner in a marriage

Most of all, they learn how to not only be committed to each other, but how to also be committed to the marriage itself.

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Featured in Style Magazine


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PCC, International Coach Federation (ICF) Certified Coach