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It is not just business

Discord is normal within families. Add to it the pressures of owning and running a business and conflict often rises to severe proportions. Not wanting to jeopardize the family or the business, significant problems are ignored with the hope that they will resolve themselves. The resulting bitterness leads to enduring arguments and painful family encounters.
It is no secret that contention in the family enterprise often results in the end of the business, the demise of the family or both. Family Business Relations Coaching provides immediate relief.

It takes two people to create conflict;
it takes a third party to stop it. 

Most family enterprise owners do not know that there is a systematic approach that will relieve tension immediately and begin the process of long-term accord and civility.  The good news is that if you are still arguing, you are still engaged in communication and that opens the door for resolution.  It takes two people to create conflict; it takes a third party to stop it.

It is important to note that stopping does not mean ending conflict altogether.  You cannot eliminate disagreement.  You can, however, manage it, handle it, replace it and learn the techniques to diffuse it.  Unfortunately, conflict management skills do not come as naturally as one might think. We were never actually taught them.  If we want peaceful relationships at home and in the workplace, we have to learn what they are and how to use them.
Primarily, a family in business will:

• Learn practical skills to stop painful arguments

• Suppress the escalation of conflict; control hurtful words and curb attacks

• Create synergy between family and non-family members

• Stay focused on the real issue at hand

• Shift from confrontation to cooperation

• Have a safe environment where everyone can speak out, speak up and speak often

• Learn to conduct productive meetings with Boards, Executive Teams and/or Family**

**   Meeting Dynamic Facilitation focuses on critical meetings which tend to veer off course, get heated or are left unfulfilled.  Guidance is provided to monitor the dynamics, diffuse situations, privately pull someone aside to address disengagement and determine how to improve future meetings.

The objective third-party has the ability to see both perspectives and respect each person's needs.  The third-party does have a personal interest too . . . peace.  This does not necessarily ensure resolution, but it does offer a more promising outcome than continuing nonproductive battles.  This is the third-party solution. 

It may sound painful, but the process is

powerful, positive and enriching.



• Mimi Azoubel Daniel, MS, PCC • 443.956.4292 • • 
PCC, International Coach Federation (ICF) Certified Coach