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"People quit their bosses, not their jobs."
Take the lead.

In today's business environment where turnover is high and loyalty is low, managers at every level are faced with the challenge to inspire and motivate as well as produce.  The prevailing myth is that management and leadership skills are intuitive.  With poor management and conflict skills, or even just adequate, the cost to business is high.
"In the past a leader was a boss.  Today's leaders must be partners with their people...they no longer can lead solely based on positional power"
                                         - Ken Blanchard
My area of expertise is unique among Executive CoachesI concentrate specifically on working on the interpersonal issues that affect the overall business climate and morale of the organization.  
I am an ICF CERTIFIED COACH offering on-site and distance coaching programs that are highly customized to help your employees work through the interpersonal issues that slow work production.

Imaginative. Creative. Progressive. And, most of all, Effective.

A Specialty Within Workplace Relations Coaching:
I have particular experience working with Family-Owned Business.
Specific issues addressed include:
* Next Generation Issues
* Conflict Management
* Family and Non-Family Dynamics
* Family vs. Individual vs. Business Goals
* Board, Executive Team and/or Family Meetings

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Issues that affect Executive/Workplace clients include:
•  Managers/Executives that are technically skilled, but lack the people-skills to influence their direct reports.  Focus is placed on developing a clear understanding of how their actions at work affect the entire team.
•  High-potential employees who are primed for promotion, but lack interpersonal skills.  Development of these skills are needed to help the Executive/Manager reach their full potential.
•  Unproductive and strained high-level Board and/or Executive Team relations.  Emphasis is placed on montoring the current dynamics, diffusing conflict and establishing unity.
•  Employees frustrated by their boss’s (or other employee's) management style.  Focus is on the skills needed to manage up, down and across. 
•  Low morale and high turnover due to poor workplace relationships.  Skills are develped to increase profitability by enhancing employee retention.  This, in turn, enhances employee performance.
•  Lack of respect and esteem in a highly competitive environment.  Focus is placed on unifying the company goal with the individual's goals.
•  Interpersonal strategies for successful negotiations ** (See Below)
With over 18 years of business experience, I offer a unique mix of experience as an Interpersonal Relationship Coach, Business Owner, Negotiator and Educator.  I work with CEO’s, Executives and Professionals of all levels to create awareness of their current people management style and develop programs that result in measurable changes in turnover, loyalty, responsiveness and productivity. 
Focusing on the sensitive relationship management challenges that impact employee satisfaction, my particular brand of coaching focuses on developing interpersonal strengths and communication capabilities to establish well-functioning businesses, teams and workplace relationships.
Although conflict mediation is part of what I do, I prefer to take a more positive approach.  Clients learn to build synergy, voice opinions without judgment, administer direction and earn and grant respect.
** I am a Certified Trainer with Shapiro Negotiations Institute facilitating customized negotiations workshops based on the best-selling book "The Power of Nice: How to Negotiate So Everyone Wins, Especially You!"®.  Developed by renowned attorney and sports agent Ron Shapiro, Shapiro Negotiations Institute offers negotiation strategy, sales training, conflict resolution and listening skills development for your organization.

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PCC, International Coach Federation (ICF) Certified Coach