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All Executive and Workplace Coaching programs are highly-customized per the specific situation.

Interpersonal Relations Coaching in the Workplace includes:

Crises Intervention Coaching

Crises Intervention Coaching is a short-term, laser-focused coaching process that concentrates on an eminent challenge or conflict affecting the progress or development of the business, family or personal objective.  With guidance, clients create a prioritized list of urgent issues that need attention and actions steps toward resolution.  Crises Intervention Coaching has immediate impact on shifting the challenge from a reactive to a proactive approach.

Collaborative Coaching

Collaborative Coaching is a structured, periodic session with two individuals in contradiction, conflict or goal misalignment.  These facilitated meeting offer a safe environment in which to outline concerns, address challenges and discuss a platform for resolution.  The sessions are designed to be solution-oriented with a specific agenda discussed ahead of time.  This allows each side openly express their views while creating a plan to reach the common goal. (Collaborative Coaching can be incorporated into an on-going coaching program.)

Leadership Relations Coaching

Leadership Relations Coaching is an on-going coaching program for executives/managers who are particularly skilled at their job, but do not necessarily have the proficiency to create consensus and collaboration. The focus is on balancing operational talent development with people leadership skills.  Emphasis is placed on communication techniques, delegation, problem solving and motivation to ultimately maximize productivity.  The program results in measurable changes in turnover, loyalty responsiveness and employee satisfaction.  Assessment tools may be utilized.

Goal Achievement Coaching

Goal Achievement Coaching is a focused program geared toward a specific, measurable task.  A detailed action plan is created based on an evaluation of the skills needed, a prioritized list of steps and built-in accountability. Clients are encouraged to analyze the outcomes of taking different courses of action and address barriers in real-time.  Individuals stretch beyond their comfort zone to attain the next level of professional and personal success.  Assessment and progress mapping tools may be used.

CEO Coaching

CEO Coaching offers a thought-partner in a confidential environment to provide critical perspective and understanding.  It is structured to maintain a level of focus and rigor that corresponds to the pace of a CEO’s life- and work-style.  The format enhances the CEO’s ability to clarify thinking, make sound decisions and analyze outcomes, without risk of disclosure.  The scope of services can cover business, financial, personal, and family matters, including long-range strategic planning, short-term solutions, leadership development as well as board and executive team issues.

Family and Marriage Coaching

Family and Marriage Relations Coaching is based on proven reports that relationships at home affect productivity in the workplace.  Based on these reports, many companies have invested in Family and Marriage Coaching for employees at all levels. It is an on-going coaching process specifically geared toward the delicate idiosyncrasies of inter-family dynamics.  The Coaching can focus on any combination of individuals, spouses, parents, children and/or extended family members whether they are involved in the business or not.  The emphasis is on personal expectations and goals, but also on parental and partnership concerns, identity and development potential and the outside influences that afflict every marriage and family.  

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