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Money cannot buy everything

Family of Wealth Coaching addresses the unique issues that are created by extreme wealth.  The impact that wealth has on you and your family affects the development of attitudes, values, beliefs and emotions.
Without guidance, creating healthy relationships within these issues is not easy.  Relationships extend from the immediate family to the extended family; from trust issues with friends to the motives of strangers.  The ability to do “whatever you want,” without monetary restrictions, has distinctive concerns that can adversely affect all the relationships in your life.

You already have a variety of advisors
telling how to strategize for future growth,
protect your wealth, plan for taxes,
design your trusts and
map your estate plan.
What guidance are you getting to have harmony within the most important relationships in your life?

Specific issues addressed include:
• Managing conflict over family property, holidays, gatherings, philanthropy, family office, family business, etc.
• Handling sibling rivalry amongst adults
• Raising a family with values and morals
• Discussions around pre-nuptial issues and pre-marital coaching
• Connecting individual goal achievement within the family goals
• Combating feelings of loneliness and isolation
• Addressing lack of motivation or incentive
• Creating consciousness around the attitude of entitlement
• Facilitating uncomplicated family meetings
Family of Wealth Coaching addresses these problems with individuals, couples, families, and family businesses.  The goal is to resolve the relationship issues to integrate the wealth in a way that decisions are made more clearly, and the wealth contributes to fulfilling the personal values, life vision, and philanthropic/social change goals of the client.

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• Mimi Azoubel Daniel, MS, PCC • 443.956.4292 • • 
PCC, International Coach Federation (ICF) Certified Coach